The previous works of the new Camp del Ferro Municipal Sports Complex begin in La Sagrera

Sunday, 17 September 2017 - 17/09/2017

The construction of this new complex involves the demolition of the summer swimming pools of the Municipal Sports Center Sant Andreu – La Sagrera and other urban actions that will culminate the summer of 2019

13,5 million euros will be invested in this new equipement, which will provide service in the neighbourhood and entities

This September begins the previous works that will make the new Camp del Ferro Municipal Sports Complex a reality by the end of the summer of 2019. The works will start at the end of September with the demolition of the uncovered municipal swimming pools of the Municipal Sports Center of  Sant Andreu – La Sagrera, that it is expected to last two months.

Some units of the Llotja School will also de demolished, a transformer station of Endesa will also be relocated, and a water collector will be moved. The resulting site will become part of the space that the sports center will occupy.

In the next mandate, the construction of the new summer swimming pools and the improvement of the CEM Sant Andreu – La Sagrera facilities are planned.


The new Sports Center of Camp del Ferro

The new Sports Center Camp del Ferro will be built on the plot located in C/ Pare Manyanet, 40. Specifically, the equipement will have a built area of 7.273m2 and a capacity for 800 spectators. The planned investment is 13,5 million €.

It will have a three sports courts for the practice of basquetball, football, hoquey on skates or figure skating, among other sports. The equipement will also host various entities of the district, among which the Club Patí Congrés and Sant Andreu Sports Association, which ave also paticiped in the process to raise the needs of the project.

The equipment will be equipped with dressing rooms, the necessary stores for sports equipment, bleachers, a hall and rooms for heating.

The project plans to partially bury an important part of the sports complex, ensuring, through different architectural mechanisms, good natural ventilation and lighting, as well as the regulatory evacuation and access systems.

This partial burial will reduce the visual impact of the building in the environment and, at the same time, gain urban public space around the equipment. The design will allow the widening of the sidewalk and the creation of an exterior plaza in the access area.


Three pavilions in two dimensions

The design of the equipment foresees the construction of three pavilions located in two different levels. In each level, there are different sports facilities. In the lower level there are two of the tracks dedicated mainly to the practice of hoquey skates and figure skating, while in the upper level, just above the previous are the other sports tracks.

The lobby is located on the ground floor, with a triple height area that visually relates the different spaces. On this same floor there are also other spaces such as the bar, etc. Also from the lobby of the ground floor you can access one of the steps, which corresponds to the slopes of the lower level. On the first floor you will find the other sports court, while on the second floor are the stands and training rooms and activities. A central band will go through the building from top to bottom, organizing the cores, stands, services and facilities superimposed on different levels in a single piece.