Selected the five finalist projects of the ideas contest of the MUPAC

Monday, 2 December 2019


The jury has designated the five finalist projects, all of them of Spanish studies, of the ideas competition for the construction of the new Museum of Prehistory and Archeology of Cantabria (MUPAC) to which 73 proposals have concurred.

The projects have been submitted by four joint ventures or companies and an architect. Three of them are domiciled in Madrid and two of Barcelona, ​​although in one of the latter is J.E. Cacicedo Estudios y Proyectos, based in the Cantabrian town of Medio Cudeyo.

The projects are 'Estatos', from the UTE M. Partida Architecture and Desing, SL, and QEstudi 29 Assesorament Tecnic SL, from Barcelona, ​​which won first prize in the international competition for the Museum of Art and Culture in Kristiansand (Norway) ; and 'Aleph', of the company Diir Partners SL, an architecture studio formed by four young people from Madrid who have won the first prize in the rehabilitation contest of the former Divine Maestre school as Cultural Center of the Mills (Madrid).

The proposal with the slogan 'Tres' is from the Madrid company Matos Castillo Arquitectos, which has won more than 30 awards and distinctions, such as the European Europan II contest (1991); and the so-called 'Mvpacked' corresponds to the architect Ignacio Senra Fernández Miranda, who has collaborated with the study of Rafael Moneo and who since 2009 works with Elisa Sequeros, obtaining several awards.

Finally, the fifth project, 'DER', belongs to the UTE Map Arquitectos SL (Barcelona), J.E. Cacicedo and C. Martínez Caño.

The vice president of the Government of Cantabria and Minister of Culture, Pablo Zuloaga, has announced the names of the winning projects, of which he has not revealed any details because they are "under secret" because "we do not want to contaminate ideas between the different studies" .

The five selected studies will have until February 2020 to write the preliminary projects, which will be valued and which will be the winner, which could be known in May 2020 "as the most optimistic date," said Zuloaga.

The projects include, in addition to the headquarters of the MUPAC, the administrative building that accompanies it. And when the Museum is built, its current headquarters will be closed in the Mercado del Este, which will have other uses.

The five studies have obtained a prize of 30,000 euros for the drafting costs of the preliminary draft, which are included in an item of 181,500 euros contemplated in the Cantabrian General Budget of 2020.

The winner will be the subject of a contest negotiated with the Government for the drafting of the project, whose total cost is estimated at 1.76 million euros. The cost of the work management amounts to 1.4 million and the approximate cost of the work is 45 million euros, VAT included.

In this sense, Zuloaga recalled that the regional government has "sought the collaboration" of the State, in which it will "deepen" when there is the Government of Spain, for example, with the visit that the acting Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, made to MUPAC last September.

Asked by the visitors that the Museum has received this year, the vice president has valued "positively the influx" and said that the number "has increased".


After the selection of the five candidate projects, the corresponding drafts will take place between December and February and between March and April, the valuation of the proposals.

The forecast is that in May the winner is known and the payment of the prizes is paid to the five semifinalists (30,000 euros plus VAT to each).

Between June and July the winner will be hired by negotiated process; From August to November, this will write the basic project, which will be revised by January 2021.

The drafting of the execution project will be completed in April of that year and will be delivered in May; From June to December, the project will be reviewed and finalized.

Following this schedule, the work will be tendered between December 2021 and April 2022 and the work would begin to be executed in May 2022.